Project Updates for the months of January 2018

Basement - 1

Basement 2

Basement Celing light

Basement Drain Work

Basement White wash

EWS plaster Work

External Ramp Side

External Road

Phase- 1 Guard Room

Phase- 1 Shopping Center

STP Drain & Lighting Work

STP Railing Work

STP Staircase

STP Wall M.S Railing Work

STP Wall White Wash

T- 3 & 4 Back Side

T- 5 Front Elevation

T- 5 Side Elevation

T- 5 Side View

T- 9 Back Side

T- 9 Main Front

T- 9 Side Elevation

T- 10 Side Elevation (2)

T- 12 Front

T- 15 Front

T- 18 Front View

T- 18 Main Front

T- 19 External (2)

T- 19 External

T- 19 Main Front

T -19 Side Elevation

T- 21

T- 26

T-5 Door Frame Working

T-5 Front

T-5 full View

T-10 Front

T-15 & 16 Back Side

T-15 & 16 External Road Work

T-15 &16 Back View

T-15 Back External Work

T-15 Front External Waterproofing

T-15 Side Elevation (2)

T-15 Side Elevation

Landscape Between T-18 to 20

T-16 Back Side Road Work

T-16 Front External Work

T-16 Front view

T-16 Full View

T-16 Main Front

T-16 Road

T-17 Back Side

T-17 Main Front

T-17 Side Elevation


T-18 Back Elevation

T-18 Lift lobby Celing Light Work

T-18 Passege Lobby

T-18 Side Elevation

T-18 Side wall Paint Work

T-19 Back Side External

T-19 External

T-19 Front External

T-19 Front Full View

T-19 Main front View

T-20 & 21 Front PCC Work

T-20 Front Viewe

T-20 Front Waterprrofing

T-21 Front View

T-21 Side Elevation

T-24 Side Plaster Work

T-25 Main Front

T-26 Main Front

T-26 Side Plaster Work

T-26 Side Elevtion

T-26 Side View
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