Project Updates for the months of February 2018

Boundry Wall Green Work

Boundry Wall Painting Work

Ews Brick Work

EWS External plaster

Ews Plaster work

External RCC Pipe Work

Facing T17 & T18

Guard Room Brick work

HSD tank Line work

Pathway works

Shopping Center

Soft landscape work

T-15 & 16 Expension Joint

T-15 & 16 Road Roller Compaction Work

T15 Back side Railing Painting

T-15 Back Side sand Filling

T15 Back side

T15 Balcony Railing Paint Work

T15 Font Paint work

T-15 Front Sand Filling

T15 NW corner

T15 Side View

T-15&16 Road Boulder Filling

T16 Back side

T-16 Boulder Filling

T16 Front View

T16 Side wall

T-17 & 18 External Development

T17 Back side

T17 Front

T17 Full View

T18 Back Side 2

T18 Full View

T18 Main Front

T18 Side View 2

T18 Side View

T-19 Back side PCC Works

T19 Back side view

T-19 Badmintion Work

T19 Front Side View

T19 Front View

T19 Full View 2

T19 Green work

T19 Main Front 2

T19 Main Front

T-19 Pathway 2

T-19 Pathway Work

T19 Side View 1

T19 Side view 2

T19 Side view

T20 Back Side

T20 Main front

T20 Side View

T-21 Conc Kerb

T21 Main front 2

T21 Main front

T21 Side 2

T21 Side View